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Jennifer, owner of Thyme-Savers, recently took 1st place in the Beaver Creek Sixth Annual World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest. If you would like to place an order for some of these wonderful treats, please contact us at (970) 926-1004. The cookies are not baked until your order is placed, and we can ship them almost anywhere!

The valley's best schools have daily catered lunches, served by Thyme Savers. Thyme Savers provides your student with a balanced meal consisting of an entree, fruit, and vegetable at a reasonable cost.

Here's How it Works

Simply register with Thyme-Savers so we know how many children you have and what schools they attend. Once, you are registered, you may purchase lunch credits online with a credit card.

Lunch credits, once applied to your account, are deducted when your child swipes their unique lunch pass card at the lunch line. When your family's account becomes low on credits, an email will be sent to you letting you know that you will need to purchase more lunch credits for your children to enjoy this convenience.

While lunch schedules do change occasionally, we keep the Lunch Calendar as accurate as possible. For a better idea of what we will be serving throughout the year please take time to look at the Menus we offer.

For further questions see our Contact Us page.

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